Our fourth StoryAtlas cycle of the year, running from May to June, started with a four-week investigation of the tactics actors can use effectively to fulfill their characters’ objective. Our process culminated in an Open House performance of the scenes our actors developed with special focus on savvy use of strategy.

We honor two actors every cycle. One is chosen based on the quality of the final performance (EXCELLENCE IN PERFORMANCE AWARD). The other is based on our observation of the actor’s growth and insight into the topic over the entire four-week class (BREAKTHROUGH AWARD).

This month, our “Excellence in Performance Award” went to Cameron McCormick, for her role as Sara opposite Sarah Connine in “The Accused,” a screenplay written by Tom Topor. The emotional depth and fighting spirit in Ms. McCormick’s performance greatly moved our audience.

Our “Breakthrough Award” went to David Stark for his role as Warren Schmidt in “About Schmidt,” a screenplay by Alexander Payne opposite Hazel Paraoan. David’s flash of anger in the scene startled our audience (in a good way).



StoryAtlas Honorees for June, 2017:

Excellence in Performance Award: Cameron McCormick for her role as “Sara” in “The Accused.”

Breakthrough Award: David Stark for his role as “Warren” in “About Schmidt.”

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