This past Sunday, we closed out yet another cycle of StoryAtlas, this time on the topic of, “Character Study – The Law: Cops, Criminals & Court.” We had a remarkable group of actors and a heavily requested topic, due to all the procedurals our actors see.

We honor two actors every month. One is chosen by the panel of industry guests based on the quality of work the final night (EXCELLENCE IN PERFORMANCE AWARD). The other is based on our observation of the actor’s growth and insight into the topic over the entire four-week class (BREAKTHROUGH AWARD).

Ronnie Kroell

Ronnie Kroell

This month, Ronnie Kroell was chosen for the EXCELLENCE IN PERFORMANCE award for his portrayal of Dick Goodwin in QUIZ SHOW. Kroell artfully navigated the character’s admiration for the intellect and charm of his friend Charles Van Doren (movingly played by Michael Coghlan in our studio), with his disappointment that such a bright, young talent may have perpetrated fraud on a naive nation.


Soledad Torres

Our BREAKTHROUGH AWARD went to Soledad Torres, who was studying in the studio for the first time and acting in a professional environment for the first time. She played opposite her brother Eduardo in a scene from THE KILLING.

List of March, 2016 StoryAtlas Honorees:

Excellence in Performance Award: Ronnie Kroell for his work in QUIZ SHOW

Breakthrough Award: Soledad Torres for her work in THE KILLING