Personalisation is essential for creating truth in a scene and Hunter will not let you get away with anything. He is incredibly resourceful and generous in his approach and creates an atmosphere of trust and support that gives your creativity the freedom it needs to surprise you.

Alexander Dreymon

Actor, Series Regular, The Last Kingdom

Hunter’s command of story is an immense asset to the actor. In his directing, I have seen him uncover performances that astound in their illumination of character. His coaching sessions are invigorating in their practicality and challenging in their devotion to truth and specificity. Hunter’s ability to seamlessly couple a performer’s unique skillset with the demands of the story is a rare gift. His varied experience, humanistic approach and vast understanding of archetypes is responsible for a large part of my growth as an actor. I look forward to coaching with him on many projects to come!

Jerod Meagher

Actor, Recurring, "Banshee" & "Recovery Road"

As actors, artists, and also CEOs of our own business (ourselves//actors who want to work in the marketplace so we can affect large groups of people and get paid for our service and ability, we have to balance our exploration of material with ability to produce results in the audition room or on set. Hunter’s deep understanding of the art/craft of acting combined with his being a producer and director of award winning films gives him a perspective to coach all levels of actors to explore and produce. I love this class and look forward to it every week. The class is structured so you work every week too.

I love that each month has a theme like “Death and Dying” or “Creating Realistic Fear” and that each month ends in a performance of work in front of fantastic industry guests: directors, producers, managers, and CD’s who work with us in depth. I’ve been able to develop solid relationships with producer/writer/directors who have projects in production and pre/preproduction. I love the class and working with Hunter. His ability as a great director allows him to tap into what each individual actor needs.

Camille Carida

Actress, The Buffalo Son

Hunter facilitates a class environment that is a safe space for artists. He is an artist himself, and understands you. He is gentle, yet pushes you to grow each month. The structure of the class, allows each actor to work every week, as well as get multiple re-directs. The Industry nights are booked with professionals who are passionate about working with actors and give very open and honest, and helpful feedback. Each month focuses on a theme, which allows for a newness rather than stagnation that some classes develop, and allows you to come and go monthly, if the theme does or doesn’t excite you.

Hunter is facilitating much more than just an acting class here, he has formed a community of supportive and professional working actors.

Leah Cevoli

Actress, Recurring, "Deadwood" & "Robot Chicken"

Hunter is not so much a director as he is a surgeon. He is brilliant in his instinct and impulse at picking apart the actor’s body of emotion in a completely non-judgmental and trustworthy manner that allows you to be eagerly vulnerable. I have been continuously surprised by the things I have found within , having worked with him twice. He brings out a dangerous performance from all his actors. You don’t know what’s coming next.

Gopal Divan

Actor, Guys Reading Poems

I wholeheartedly recommend StoryAtlas Archetypal Analysis-because it was exactly what I needed at this stage of my career.

I found this approach to be very constructive and empowering!
This investigative process revealed the more authentic aspects of my character and helped me to understand how to use my strengths, (which include aspects of my character that I previously perceived as weaknesses), to my advantage in terms of marketing myself. I feel that this clear, application-based analysis has truly helped my team and I in successfully guiding my journey as an artist.

Cameron McCormick

Actress, Murder on Vine