Tuesday Night Scene Study – 12 Classes (Best Value)


Our ongoing Tuesday night scene study class provides an opportunity to learn the craft of acting by mastering concepts of scene objective, personalization, character point of view and dreamwork for actors.


Our intimate Tuesday night scene study is an ongoing class that meets each week in West Hollywood at the home studio of StoryAtlas founder Hunter Lee Hughes.

We focus on scene objective, personalization and understanding and developing a character’s point of view of the circumstances in the piece. Great acting should be deeply realized and specific, while embracing the power and unpredictability that stems from the subconscious mind. To that end, Hunter has also developed a unique approach to acting that involves analysis and application of an actor’s dreams. Should individual actors wish to experiment with this approach, we are happy to oblige though it is noted that this new method is not recommended for beginners.

To provide maximum flexibility to the actor, classes are sold in series of four, eight and twelve classes rather than a monthly charge. This way, if an audition or circumstance prevents you from attending class, you are not punished financially. Actors are encouraged to always have a monologue prepared in addition to the scene they’re developing for class, in case their scene partner becomes unavailable for any reason.

Our studio has a policy of radical inclusiveness and Hunter has a long history of working with LGBT actors on material that speaks directly to their experience. All actors welcome.

Class runs 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. every Tuesday night in West Hollywood (address provided after sign-up). Parking passes are provided for street parking. Please allow ten minutes to find a parking spot to ensure an on-time arrival.

This is a bundle of twelve classes for $550, the best value in terms of price per class. You may also order four classes for $250 or eight classes for $400.

Want to audit for free? You can arrange to do so by writing to: Hunter@StoryAtlas.com


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