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On-Camera Class – Once a month!


How does your work translate on camera? Find out. Fine-tune it. Fix it. Then deliver. Class size: 5-8 actors. Held monthly every 2nd Wednesday of the month. Location: West Hollywood.

Product Description

Our monthly on-camera class empowers you to see your work on the big screen and make those adjustments – sometimes technical – that help you build your acting career. With a class size of 5-8 actors, you’ll receive plenty of personalized attention from an experienced teacher, who has directed well-known actors in a feature film.

My intention for this class is for us all to bravely confront one of the criticisms of actors that stings the deepest: “What you’re doing and what you think you’re doing….are two different things.”

Many actors hate watching their own work. But to grow, we sometimes must confront what is and how things appear on camera to make sure that our work is translating for the meaningful opportunities in film and television.

The class format is simple. You will be given material 48 hours in advance of class. Alternately, if you’re taking a StoryAtlas monthly cycle, you may use the material you’re developing in the cycle. We will film you performing the material under circumstances that simulate a callback audition. You will take notes on your experience as an actor and will be provided adjustments and then a re-take. We will watch the on-camera work of all students and see how the work matches up to our notes of our experience. Then, we’ll record another round. If you would like a copy of your on-camera work, there will be a $10 surcharge. The class will run every second Wednesday evening of the month, with the next classes coming Wednesday, July 12th and Wednesday, August 9th from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

It’s that simple. Improve your on-camera acting through trial and error and by forcing yourself to view your own work. Also, developing a better sense for when you’re “on” and when you’re “off” is extremely helpful as I’ve learned over many years of both acting and directing actors. Sometimes we have to make adjustments to our internal sense of truth in order to find success in front of the camera.

The next two on-camera classes will take place Wednesday, July 12th and Wednesday, August 9th from 7 – 10 p.m. We always meet on the second Wednesday of every month. If you’ve never taken a class with StoryAtlas, please attend one of our free audits before signing up for the on-camera class. I teach out of my home and only want serious, vetted actors.

If you’d like to check out the film I directed, starring Alexander Dreymon (“The Last Kingdom”), Patricia Velasquez (“The Mummy” films), Rex Lee (“Entourage”, “Young & Hungry”), Lydia Hearst (“South of Hell”), Christos Vasilopoulos (“Banshee”), Jerod Meagher (“Banshee”) and others please visit:

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