Death, Dying, Grief & Loss/March, 2018


Our five-week cycles of acting class are focused and add useful tools to your process as an actor, while culminating with the challenge of performing for the entire StoryAtlas studio. This month, we examine what it means for your character to face the abyss through the topic of “death, dying, grief and loss.”


Due to Hunter’s work on a play in January/February 2018 and him shooting a role in a film in early March, this cycle focusing on Death, Dying, Grief and Loss has been delayed to late March, 2018. Dates and times for the cycle will be announced in mid-February.

In the meantime, please check out our ongoing scene study class on Tuesday nights, which continue during this time.

The process of dying…or grieving the loss of one who has died…has been a monumental part of drama since its origin. As actors, it poses a unique challenge because few of us have actually faced death viscerally, yet we must bring to life characters who do. Even portraying someone in the grieving process is profoundly difficult as it simultaneously brings up our own losses and fears while forcing us to confront insecurities of whether or not we can “go there” in performance.

In this five-week cycle, you’ll receive a scene focused on a character dealing with death, dying, grief or loss. The first three weeks, we’ll develop the scene through rehearsals and exercises meant to empower you to embody this shadow side of life. Then, the fourth week, we’ll perform the scenes for an audience comprised of the entire StoryAtlas studio, including alumni, auditors and guests and every actor will receive an evaluation of their work. The class is taught by Hunter Lee Hughes (director, Guys Reading Poems).

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