Healing the Actor’s Body, Part 2: November 13


As actors, our bodies are our instruments. Honing, cleaning and loving our instrument makes it work better. Yuki Sagara and Mary P. Shriver will introduce you to a variety of self-care tools designed to restore the mind, body and spirit to back wholeness, including TRE®, a pragmatic method for identifying and releasing tension and trauma stored up in your body. Note: Book here ONLY if you want to take Part 2 of the “Healing the Actor’s Body” series as a stand-alone class.


As actors, our bodies are our instruments. Honing, cleaning and loving our instrument makes it work better.

Does it matter where the trauma, tension and stress in your body came from? Maybe. But what matters more than talking about difficult experiences from the past is releasing all that tension, trauma and stress from your body so that you may be fully present not only for your acting work, but for your physical and mental health. In this two-part series, Yuki Sagara and Mary P. Shriver will introduce you to a variety of self-care tools designed to restore the mind, body and spirit back to wholeness, including TRE®, a pragmatic method for identifying and releasing tension and trauma stored up in your body. 

TRE®, popularly know as therapeutic tremoring, is designed to trigger the body’s innate self-calming mechanism which starts in the hips and migrates through the body, breaking up stored stress and tension patterns. TRE also down-regulates the body’s nervous systems commonly hijacked by our chronic fight/flight/freeze response. When done properly, over time, integrating the cornerstone principals of self regulation taught by a Certified TRE Provider, this self-care method not only helps build overall resilience but restores the organism back to a lower baseline of peace and safety.

TRE is totally different from ANY other “top down” method used by actors.  While other methods rely on the thinking brain and intention to coax the body into relaxation, TRE® works directly with the brain stem “from the bottom up” flooding it with feel good hormones returning us instantly to a relaxed state of calm.

No other method centers you this quickly and reliably.

Location: Studio A Dance, 2306 Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Cost: $35 for November 13th workshop ($50 for both Nov. 6th and Nov. 13th, a savings of $20 – to book both workshops, please book here).

Course Description:

2nd Session (Sunday, November 13th)
TRE® – Mary P. Shriver
7:30 – 8:30
  • Grounding and Triune Brain Body Scan
  • Movement sequence to turn on the Therapeutic Tremor (for those who need it)
  • 15 Minutes of TRE Practice
  • The basics of neurophysiology of the stress response and building resilience
  • Body Scan and Check-in
Quantum Touch – Yuki Sagara
8:30 – 9:30 
  • Manifestation exercise
  • The Lazarus meditation
  • 8th chakra – subconscious work

If you would like to book both parts 1 and 2 of the workshop, please book here.

Class Limit: 16 actors.


Mary P. Shriver

A native New Yorker, Mary P. Shriver first moved west in the 1980s after earning a B.S. in Psychology from Denison University. Working in the Los Angeles and Las Vegas markets, she has extensive experience in all aspects of public relations and marketing, including a decade-long stint as a corporate spokesmodel for companies such as Black and Decker, LG, Oracle, and Grass Valley.  Mary has been cast as a regular guest-expert on QVC as well as booking numerous TV commercials in Las Vegas where she lived and performed for fifteen years.  Mary’s stage experience extends to multiple appearances singing and dancing in a touring production of an off broadway juke-box musical.   She is currently appearing regularly with a 17-piece big-band in the San Fernando Valley.

As the first Certified TRE Provider in Los Angeles, Mary also holds a massage license and has since become certified as a Compassion Fatigue Educator with the Green Cross of Traumatology in addition to continued education in TRM/CRM Trauma Resiliency Method, a complimentary somatic based trauma-informed therapy. She has taught TRE to physicians, nurses, and mental health clinicians at hospitals and agencies across the LA area. As a volunteer, she has shared TRE with burn survivors through the Phoenix Society and served on an international humanitarian response team teaching TRE to Typhoon Yolanda survivors, first responders, and clinicians in the Philippines.  Mary is currently completing her Clinical Internship at Homeless Healthcare Los Angeles though TRELA while assisting as associate faculty in the mentoring of Certification Trainees through the TRE Global Certification Process.

Mary is the Immediate Past Executive Director of the TRE For All nonprofit, providing support to TRE Providers and organizations in more than 35 countries internationally.  She is available for both group and private TRE out-call services with advanced knowledge in the integration of physical interventions for practitioners with “stuck” or persistent tension patterns.

Yuki Sagara

Originally from Toronto, Canada,  Yuki is both and an actress and Subtle Energy Worker.  Those who know her might say that her passion for healing surpasses her passion for the spotlight.  Spending much of her free time helping out friends, feeding the homeless and volunteering for Non Profits events, Yuki is a deep resource of love and light. Yuki loves to hike and spend time outdoors which feeds her soul and allows her to replenish the depth of spirit she shares with others. She believes that the true purpose of acting is to allow meaningful and intimate interaction with the audience; when you make someone feel and experience what you are feeling, then there is true communication and understanding, which can be cathartic, transformative and healing.

More about TRE®:

TRE® is an evidence-based integrated somatic mindfulness and movement practice designed to reduce stress and heal trauma through the release of deep tension and trauma-related patterning. Developed in the late 1980s by David Berceli, PhD, for use in high-conflict zones internationally, TRE® uses seven simple exercises to activate a self-controlled muscular shaking that is the body’s natural re-balancing process. This self-induced therapeutic tremor typically spreads from the legs up the spine, releasing tension throughout the body. The technique is easily learned and can be practiced independently, with immediate results being the norm. Additionally, TRE® easily integrates with other traditional mental health and/or physical treatment modalities to support health and healing for those with more severe emotional and/or physical dysfunction or disease.

Utilized by large military populations, traumatized communities exposed to natural and war-related disasters, first responders, mental health professionals, teachers, children, prisoners, individuals with PTSD, and athletes, TRE® has been taught in more than 100 countries over the last 20+ years. Currently 35 countries maintain active training and certification programs. TRE® training materials have been translated into 10 languages.

In 2011, the US Department of Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury recognized TRE® as a promising modality for regulating stress and promoting resiliency, especially due to its “simplicity, brevity, and immediate effects.”

TRE® Informational video:



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