Audition Taping & Prep – One Hour Consulatation + Taping


Prepare and tape your audition.


Big audition? Want to make sure you nail it on something a little better than your friend’s iPhone 5S? We got you.

No matter our skill level as actors, we sometimes need input from a sharp director or coach to empower us in a highly competitive marketplace. Hunter Lee Hughes stresses the importance of an inside-out approach when preparing to work in front of a camera. His private consultations and audition prep illuminate how your own reservoir of life experiences, thoughts, emotions and beliefs apply to your material.

Plus, we shoot with a light kit and Canon 5D camera with a polarizer lens to make sure you look your best.

Our studio is a home office in West Hollywood. Address provided upon booking. To learn more about Hunter, read his biography here.

If you’d like to make arrangements to pay by cash or check, please email

Photo by Jason Fracaro

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Alexander Dreymon

Actor – American Horror Story IMDB

Personalization is essential for creating truth in a scene and Hunter will not let you get away with anything. He is incredibly resourceful and generous in his approach and creates an atmosphere of trust and support that gives your creativity the freedom it needs to surprise you.”

Jerod Meagher

Actor – Mahjong and the West (2014) IMDB

Hunter’s command of story is an immense asset to the actor. In his directing, I have seen him uncover performances that astound in their illumination of character. His coaching sessions are invigorating in their practicality and challenging in their devotion to truth and specificity. Hunter’s ability to seamlessly couple a performer’s unique skillset with the demands of the story is a rare gift. His varied experience, humanistic approach and vast understanding of archetypes is responsible for a large part of my growth as an actor. I look forward to coaching with him on many projects to come!

Gopal Divan

Actor – Guys Reading Poems (2014) IMDB

Hunter is not so much a director as he is a surgeon. He is brilliant in his instinct and impulse at picking apart the actor’s body of emotion in a completely non-judgmental and trustworthy manner that allows you to be eagerly vulnerable. I have been continuously surprised by the things I have found within, having worked with him twice. He brings out a dangerous performance from all his actors. You don’t know what’s coming next.

Sean U’Ren

Screenwriter – Vimeo

The analysis Hunter gave me was essential in helping me approach my story and script in a new way, and his insight and warmth made working together feel less like a straightforward consultation and more like a team effort. I’d highly recommend him to any writer of any experience level.

David Fleischer


Emotional honesty has always mattered to me — and Hunter’s weekly coaching helps me deliver it.  I feel very lucky I discovered this class. Hunter provides an incredibly supportive environment and at the same time coaches us to reach an extraordinarily high standard.  It’s a unique combination and I appreciate the challenge — because I see myself improve in every class.

If you’d like to make arrangements to pay by cash or check, please email


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