Archetypal Analysis for Actors


Gain clarity over the archetypal energies that drive you…and your acting career. Use the customized report and strategies outlined to facilitate greater communication with everyone on your team – from agents, managers, coaches and photographers to followers and casual fans.

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In a private consultation, we develop a deeper understanding of an actor’s natural archetypal energies and how to tailor a strategy and marketing materials to authentically reflect this essence. We dig into these archetypal energies without lots of personal questions, but rather through an imaginative interview process that unearths key aspects of the psyche. These assessments can make a huge difference in how you assess your own or your client’s “strike zone” and adjust marketing images, target shows/directors/production companies/casting directors and personal style to most accurately reflect the actor’s potential.

The consultation includes:

  • A customized report that includes a description of the natural archetypal energies possessed by the actor and a list of suggestions for the practical application of this knowledge and how they relate to projects you should target, headshots/imagery as well as some casting traps/concerns for you to avoid.
  • A mindmap illuminating key concepts related to the archetypal systems within the actor’s psyche.
  • Placement of the actor in one of four quadrants (or types) and a mindmap illuminating key qualities of that “type” and examples of well-known actors who also fall within this category.
  • A pictorial representation of your archetypal energies.

This process is invaluable for agents, managers and their clients to come to a deeper understanding of the client’s most primal dreams, fears and ideas, which may be different than the qualities that come across in a superficial first impression. Unfortunately, the ego does not always acknowledge what is real and powerful in the subconscious. And yet, building on the deepest desires and images in an actor’s psyche is the best way  to unleash their full potential…and book work. And it saves a heartache later on, because your actors will be booking work that lines up with their own authenticity, rather than getting pigeonholed into a false image that can lead to psychological damage and alcohol/drug addiction.

Image: “Philosopher in Meditation” by Rembrandt

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Alexander Dreymon

Actor – American Horror Story IMDB

Personalization is essential for creating truth in a scene and Hunter will not let you get away with anything. He is incredibly resourceful and generous in his approach and creates an atmosphere of trust and support that gives your creativity the freedom it needs to surprise you.”

Jerod Meagher

Actor – Mahjong and the West (2014) IMDB

Hunter’s command of story is an immense asset to the actor. In his directing, I have seen him uncover performances that astound in their illumination of character. His coaching sessions are invigorating in their practicality and challenging in their devotion to truth and specificity. Hunter’s ability to seamlessly couple a performer’s unique skillset with the demands of the story is a rare gift. His varied experience, humanistic approach and vast understanding of archetypes is responsible for a large part of my growth as an actor. I look forward to coaching with him on many projects to come!

Gopal Divan

Actor – Guys Reading Poems (2014) IMDB

Hunter is not so much a director as he is a surgeon. He is brilliant in his instinct and impulse at picking apart the actor’s body of emotion in a completely non-judgmental and trustworthy manner that allows you to be eagerly vulnerable. I have been continuously surprised by the things I have found within, having worked with him twice. He brings out a dangerous performance from all his actors. You don’t know what’s coming next.

Sean U’Ren

Screenwriter – Vimeo

The analysis Hunter gave me was essential in helping me approach my story and script in a new way, and his insight and warmth made working together feel less like a straightforward consultation and more like a team effort. I’d highly recommend him to any writer of any experience level.

David Fleischer


Emotional honesty has always mattered to me — and Hunter’s weekly coaching helps me deliver it.  I feel very lucky I discovered this class. Hunter provides an incredibly supportive environment and at the same time coaches us to reach an extraordinarily high standard.  It’s a unique combination and I appreciate the challenge — because I see myself improve in every class.

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