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This basic product provides you with a branded two-minute acting reel plus three clips designed for the platforms where you need them. A StoryAtlas product with VisionFriend.

Please read the entire product description and the FAQ section before booking. We will verify via email that you understand the features of this basic product before commencing work.

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“Do you have a reel?”

“Have you updated your reel recently?”

“Why isn’t that new show you did on your reel yet?”

As actors, it’s easy to put off creating or re-imagining your demo reel. Some actors accumulate footage but struggle to put it all together in a compelling product. Others edited a reel together years ago and just swap out scenes when new scenes arrive without ever updating stale, outdated branding (or worse yet, non-existent branding).

We’re here to help.

This basic product provides you with a branded two-minute acting reel plus five clips designed for the platforms where you need them most. Your new reel will include an opening title card and a bumper designed to maximize your brand and extend your social media reach. The reels are designed and edited by Hunter Lee Hughes of StoryAtlas and Chris Friend of VisionFriend. Hunter directed the award-winning feature film, Guys Reading Poems, and Chris has created graphics, marketing materials and VFX for dozens of filmmakers. Together, they provide a sharp eye for performance and the unique qualities actors possess, as well as a sophisticated aesthetic that can showcase and even enhance your original material.

To see samples of our reels, visit our YouTube channel.

This basic package includes a two-minute demo reel and three clips.

  • We will serve as creative directors of your reel and control the creative content. You will receive 20 minutes for notes/correction at the end of the session and we are happy to make changes and will do so.
  • You can provide up to thirty minutes worth of material for us to review and synthesize into the reel.
  • Your reel will including the logos of StoryAtlas/VisionFriend on the final bumper as “Reel by StoryAtlas with VisionFriend.”
  • You will receive three clips optimized for the platforms you select, with your opening title card and closing bumper.
  • We will provide your reel and clips through WeTransfer and/or can copy them to an external hard drive or jump drive that contains sufficient storage space.
  • You will need to provide headshots/still imagery (up to 20 photos), and all your footage (no more than thirty minutes) either via an external hard drive or WeTransfer as well as the exact spelling of the full name you use for work. We cannot start work until we receive these items.


  • Um….you have creative control over my reel. What? Why?
    • At this basic price, we have a time limit to how much we can put into each reel. To maximize our skills as a feature film director and accomplished graphic design/VFX artist, we must make strong choices quickly in order to deliver you the highest quality product. Working with actors throughout the process slows things down significantly and, in our opinion, does not produce a better product anyway. You will receive 20 minutes of notes at the end of your session to make changes, with your highest priority items being addressed first. If you are not comfortable giving up that sort of control for your reel, we suggest our premium product, which allows you to be present and involved, or suggest that another creative studio may be a better fit for you.
  • But I know I have these two moments that I absolutely want in the reel….
    • No problem. Just let us know that in advance in writing and we will integrate the moments that are your top priority.
  • Are you saying I have to live with a scene I don’t want in my reel?
    • No. You will have twenty minutes at the end of our session to make changes. Also, remember that you are providing the original footage. If there’s something you don’t want us to use, don’t send it to us.
  • Can you shoot footage for me for the reel or is it only incorporating footage I already have?
    • Right now, you must provide all the footage for your reel.
  • How quickly can you turn around the reel?
    • 7-10 days from the moment we receive your footage.
  • Can I pay you after you’re done?
    • No. We do not start work on your reel until your payment has been received.
  • Can my manager/agent see the footage before I come in to give my 20 minutes of notes?
    • Yes. You will be assigned a day when your reel will be completed and we can upload a watermarked version of the reel for your agents to review that will be live for 24 hours. But if your agent/manager is extremely busy and can’t get to your reel within 24 hours, we suggest our premium product.
  • What if three weeks after you deliver my polished reel, I have more notes or want to swap out a scene. Can you do that for me for free?
    • We can make changes after final delivery, but not for free. We are happy to do so at the rate of $100/hour with a one-hour minimum.
  • Even if it’s a super picky minor change? You can’t just do that for me, bro?
    • No. You will have twenty minutes as part of your initial session to make changes. But if you want any changes beyond that, any new notes will be charged at a rate of $100/hour with a one-hour minimum.
  • What if I want more than three clips?
    • No problem. If you’d like more than three clips, we can make clips out of anything you like with the appropriate bumpers and title cards for an additional $10/clip. This is a great way to store up a few weeks or even months of social media sharing.
  • It sounds cool, but I really want my agent and manager to have their logos on the reel. Is that okay?
    • That’s fine. But you will need to deliver that information and the logos themselves in the original package.
  • It sounds cool, but I really don’t want your logo on my reel. Is that okay?
    • No. At this basic package price, we have to put our logos on your reel at the bottom of the final bumper card under the heading, “Reel by.” But if you want a reel that includes no logos, you should check out our premium package.
  • My original footage is in super rough shape and needs both color correction and audio correction. Can you guys do that for me, too, as part of this?
    • We can help you with this, but it is an additional charge beyond cutting and branding your reel. We suggest you take care of all your footage before submitting it to us. But if you can’t, we are happy to provide a quote for what it will take to fix audio/color for your clip. But color correction and audio correction of individual clips are not included in this pricing.
  • I’m a director or cinematographer. Can you cut my reel at this rate?
    • No. We focus on reels for actors and cannot provide a director/cinematographer reel at this rate. If you’re in one of those categories and need a reel, please email for a quote.
  • What if I want more than one reel – a comedy and a drama reel?
    • Each reel is its own product, so you would need to buy two reels.

A StoryAtlas product with VisionFriend.

If you’d like to make arrangements to pay by cash or check, please email


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