Our latest five-week StoryAtlas acting cycle was the second in our series of three “Shadow Power” classes, on the topic of Hero Worship. We had a remarkable group of actors!

We give two honors every month. One is chosen based on the quality of the final performance (EXCELLENCE IN PERFORMANCE AWARD). The other is based on our observation of the actor’s growth and insight into the topic over the entire five-week class (BREAKTHROUGH AWARD).

This month, both our “Excellence in Performance Award” and “Breakthrough Award” went to Mauricio Soto, for his role as Silvio opposite Ronnie Kroell and Jorgie Goico in a scene from the play “Pvt. Wars” by James McLure.

This is only the second time in the history of the StoryAtlas studio that the same actor won both the “Excellence in Performance Award” and the “Breakthrough Award.” The last time and only other time it happened was the January, 2016 cycle on “Death and Dying,” for which actress Yuki Sagara won both awards.

StoryAtlas Honorees for March, 2017:

Excellence in Performance Award: Mauricio Soto for his role as Silvio in “Pvt. Wars” by James McLure

Breakthrough Award: Mauricio Soto for his role as Silvio in “Pvt. Wars” by James McLure

The conclusion of our Shadow Power series – Dark Side Rising – begins this Sunday, April 9th.