This past Sunday, we closed out yet another cycle of StoryAtlas, this time on the topic of, “Genre Study: Sci-Fi.” We had a remarkable group of actors and a fascinating topic!

We honor two actors every month. One is chosen based on the quality of the final performance (EXCELLENCE IN PERFORMANCE AWARD). The other is based on our observation of the actor’s growth and insight into the topic over the entire four-week class (BREAKTHROUGH AWARD).

Camille Carida

Camille Carida

This month, our “Excellence in Performance Award” went to Camille Carida, for her role as Amy in the original screenplay “Her” by Spike Jonze and opposite Laurence Fuller. This is the second time Ms. Carida has won the “Excellence in Performance Award” this year.


Daniel Berilla

Our “Breakthrough Award” went to Daniel Berilla for his second cycle at the StoryAtlas studio for his performance as Neo in the original screenplay “The Matrix” by Lilly and Lana Wachowski, opposite class monitor Eduardo Torres.

StoryAtlas Honorees for September:

Excellence in Performance Award: Camille Carida for her role as “Amy” in the screenplay of “Her.”

Breakthrough Award: Daniel Berilla for his role as “Neo” in the screenplay of “The Matrix.”